2/28/2024 Trip to Melbourne, Florida

Had to visit the east coast today so made sure to dip my feet in the Atlantic – made a new bird friend, ran into some happy trees along the Florida Turnpike, and watched some airboating at Camp Holly.   None of the photos found on our site come with resale permission, but feel free to use any of these photos for drawing and/or painting inspiration.  Please just give my site credit for the inspirational find, if you would, please.  Thank you!

The Atlantic Ocean.  Home to thousands of really mean bull shark. 

Truly Heroic Florida Man saves Nephew from Bull Shark Attack


A Great Blue Heron – normally found along rivers, lakes, and wetlands.  Well, there just happens to be wetlands nearby as well as

the large Indian River.





Catch of The Day!   The fish was thrown to him by a nearby fisherman!   

Acres and acres of unmolested land off the Florida Turnpike.  A beautiful and fleeting site, even if they are wetlands.

Camp Holly – off I-92, The Florida Turnpike, just before Melbourne

Airboatin’ at Camp Holly

The Indian River just a few minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.

Waiting for his friend to return……..


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