2/26/2024 Day of Fun on Tarpon Lake

Jeff put a lot of hard work into getting our old Skiff ready for the water again.  We finally had our first boat-day again today after many months of that old Skiff sitting and needing work, sight seeing on Lake Tarpon – monstrous in size and oh so beautiful.  It has unfortunately succumb to pollution due to a few things sited by pinellas.gov, which are:

  • A decline in water quality due to highly urbanized watershed inputs.
  • Imbalanced fish communities.
  • Increased nuisance algal blooms and non-native vegetation.

It is my understanding that one of the main problems caused by “urbanized watershed inputs,” are the chemicals put on lawns to make them so green and sterile.  This is a practice that needs to stop now if we want a future for our children and for the beautiful creatures that live amongst us.

Jeff and I wanted to get some bass fishing in today but there were too many last minute things to do, so we really got out on the water too late.  But we had a grand time taking in the views and even managed to grab a bite to eat at the Tarpon Turtle, a wonderful Key West themed restaurant on the water with boat docks.  God willing, I’m looking forward to capturing landscape, waterscape, and wildlife photos in the near future that I can use as inspiration for my paintings.

Praise God for such a beautiful day!


Jeff waving “hello” as I take photos from way above at the top of a wooden tower at A.L Anderson park.

Pulling away from Tarpon Turtle restaurant….

Take a better peek here at Tarpon Turtle. It’s apparently a pretty hopping little lakeside restaurant, even has ski shows on occasion!

The red, black, yellow Key West replica reads “419 miles to Key West.”

Jeff at the helm…

Tina at the bow…

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