Buy Florida Themed Original Paintings & Other Fun Florida and Tropical Gifts Here!

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by! You’ll find everything here from Florida themed paintings to Fun Tropical Kitsch products to Modest Beach Bunnies.  There’s something here for everyone, truly!  The Blue Petra is home to unique gift ideas and New Art added all the time! Eventually, we’re also going to have Story Time with Mrs. B – a page on this site, The Blue Petra, dedicated to providing parents and their children with hours of rare and beautifully illustrated vintage Christian stories meant to captivate and inspire – all with a moral to convey.  Don’t forget to check out our Commoner’s Camper page as well, which is all about a unique camper my husband and I have been building.  It’s a camper that even us commoners can afford.  We give thanks to God in the Name of Jesus Christ for all that we have and for all that we do not have.

If you appreciate the art that I create, please consider a donation.  You’ll be supporting the arts as well as doing an extremely good deed in helping someone continue doing what they love.  Thank you so very much and God bless!  -Tina Burris with the Blue Petra

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