About Us

Welcome to The Blue Petra! Thank you for stopping by! Here you will find Florida paintings and graphic design work by Tina Burris, an artist born and raised in Florida, who has recently received her BFA in Graphic Design from Liberty University.   The Blue Petra is home to all that she creates, whether it be Florida themed or Tropical Kitsch paintings, hand-painted Ukuleles and Ukulele bags, various products with unique Florida or Tropical designs on them, and even music produced by her and her husband, Jeff.  There is also a page dedicated to how they built the Commoner’s Camper – an easy, affordable camper that anyone can build (They are both looking forward to parking it at a beach somewhere with the door open, staring at the ocean, drinking a couple of margaritas).

The Blue Petra is home to unique gift ideas and graphic design services with New Artful products being added all the time!  Please check out Tina’s Graphic Design Portfolio if you’re looking for that special novelty font or if you require Graphic Design services.  There’s something here for everyone, truly!  You’ll see that Tina loves putting designs out there that are either tropical, nautical and/or kitsch with some bunny binky humor here and there as well. She is inspired by all things Old Florida, Florida and Tropical Kitsch, Japanese Tropical Lusterware, Herman Miller Vintage Fish Chalk ware, and old Fishermen stories. The Blue Petra is quite eclectic in a Salty Good sort of way! And you can often find her, Tina Burris, listening to Martin Denny or vintage Hawaiian ukulele music, while she is painting.

Eventually, Blue Petra will also include Story Time with Mrs. B – a page dedicated to providing parents and their children with hours of rare and beautifully illustrated vintage Christian stories meant to captivate and inspire – all with a moral to convey. And don’t forget to check out their Flute-zine publications under Tina’s Graphic Design Portfolio, a publication dedicated to the Native American and Native American Style Flute Community.   They give thanks to God in the Name of Jesus Christ for all that they have and for all that they do not have.  Have a beautiful and blessed day. Thank you for visiting!  Feel free to contact Tina at info@bluepetra.net or by visiting her at Facebook.

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If you appreciate the art and the music that Blue Petra has to offer, as well as the information and free services that are provided, please consider a donation.  You’ll be supporting the arts as well as doing an extremely good deed in helping someone continue doing what they love.  In turn, Blue Petra will donate 10% of the money received from you to either a charitable cause for children or for animals.  You will receive a receipt for the donation made to Blue Petra as well as a copy of the receipt for the charitable donation that is made.  Thank you so very much and God bless!