We took our sweet little 3 years old Mao Mao (Marmalade) to be put to rest today – acute renal failure.  He came to us about 2 years ago when he was still only around one years old, just a baby.  He was waiting for me down by our mailbox, by the road on the easement, just laying there on his side all casual like, looking up me like “hey, you’ll be taking care of me now, lady.”  We thank God for brining him to us and letting us take care of him.  He was such a blessing.   One of the sweetest babies ever!  Thank you to all of you that prayed for this little tiger.  His last day started getting a little rough but all-in-all, because of your prayers to God in Jesus Christ’s Name, we can tell he was being tended to by a higher power.  Thank you and much love to you!

Dear God we loved this little boy. So incredibly heart breaking.

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