(SOLD!) The Bayuke – Handpainted Soprano Cigar Box Ukulele – Bayou Theme – Cigar Box Guitar


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Whether you’re Down on the Bayou, sitting on a porch somewhere in the Everglades, or just trying to impress the girl or boy next door, this little one of a kind Uke is sure to do the job. It is hand painted by yours truly, Tina, a local Florida artist with the Blue Petra, and there will never be another one just like it, but God willing, the plans are to grow this Bayuke collection with theme variations as well as start another Florida themed collection and a tropical collection, so please stay tuned.

Born on the Bayuke
Hand Painted Bayou Theme on the Front with Rustic Painted Gold Body.
Sealed with an acrylic sealer.
Cigar Box Soprano Ukulele
The Bayuke Collection
Action set properly
Quality Tuners
Nylon strings
Rosewood Fretboard and Rosewood bridge w/bone saddle
MDF Cigar box with interior support braces installed
She is very healthy, weighing in at 1.15 pounds

Made from a solid little cigar box that was built with insides meeting each other around the sides of the opening and Jeff Burris, my husband, also installed support braces on the inside, so there will be no sagging top.

This entire Ukulele was built by my husband with strength in mind. The neck is not just glued on, it is bolted on and all parts are screwed and glued.

********** Action is as it should be. I’ll be posting more photos soon to show the Action and I’ll be posting a better sound clip as well, soon! **********

I also spent a lot of time stretching the strings out for you so that you would not experience much retuning needed in the beginning.

****SOUND: This is not a loud ukulele, but she still sings like a bird, which you can hear for yourself in our short demo clip below. It has a nice, pleasant sound, but it is not amped. It is a cigar box made of mdf. It is meant to play and enjoy without disturbing the neighbors if you live in an apartment or a condo, for example. We do not believe that every Cigar Box Ukulele needs to be amped. Many that came before us sat on their front porches with their Non-electric Cigar Box guitars and we’re quite happy. We believe that all different Ukuleles with all different sound levels have their place in this world, just as we, the people, do. I will, however, have other Uke lineups, including the traditional style that will have that louder, more robust sound, if that is what you’re currently looking for. But as for this little girl, she has that more modest, old timey sound that many people absolutely adore. This Guitar Box Ukulele is NOT recommended for beginners looking to learn to play.****

You can stand this Cigar Box straight up on a table top – you don’t necessarily have to hang it up on a wall. It could be your beautiful, hand-painted, playable coffee table center piece.

Price is $175 with shipping included to the United States. I can ship elsewhere, but will have to figure out cost for international shipping.
Please allow 3-5 days for processing and packaging.

Your Bayuke will be packaged with the utmost care!

Short demo video included.
*****If you live in Central Florida, there’s a possibility I can deliver to you or you can pick up**********

Thank you for stopping by today! Please let us know if you have any questions – info@bluepetra.net Have a great day! – Tina and Jeff of the Blue Petra


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