Jimi’s Port St. Lucie Fishing Buddy – Florida Art


Jimi’s Port St. Lucie Fishing Buddy – Florida Art

Original Artwork is Acrylic on Canvas board by local Florida Artist, signed
– inspired by photo taken by Jimi Serafini

9″ x 12″ on canvas board


**click directly on magnifying glass in image to see painting up close**

I look at painting and music as any other trade. I believe that anyone can learn either if they put their minds to the task, God willing. I started learning to paint not long ago, now in my later years, because I wanted desperately to figure out a way to make a humble living doing something else other than what I was doing. I’d like to dedicate this painting to a few kind souls that have inspired me to continue in my endeavors. First, of course, my husband, Jeff Burris, who has been so unbelievably supportive of me learning this new trade. He has been my inspiration, my muse, and my best friend! I love him dearly! I also dedicate this painting to some dear friends of mine who are also my precious brothers and sisters in Christ. I list them in no particular order and they are each very special to me. They are Debra Wilson and Ward Uggerud and JudyAnn and Luis Encarnacion. These two couples have been suffering greatly as both Ward and Luis battle cancer. And even through their suffering, they have each shown us such a superb amount of kindness and love! They have been such an inspiration for us both. Thank you to each of you from the bottom of our hearts and much love to you always! We are so grateful for your friendships. May God continue to be with you always!

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p.s. Due to different monitor settings, what you see with regards to colors could possibly be a tad different from the actual painting.


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