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Hand-Painted Ukulele bag with Moon Lit Tropical Beach Scene – Beach Shack, Waterfall, Ocean, and Palm Trees –  by Florida artist – Tina Burris, with the Blue Petra.

This Ukulele bag Theme is Inspired by my love of Vintage Black Velvet Tropical Paintings.

****The other bag with the Hula Girl theme is available in a separate listing, which can be found here:  Hula Girl Ukulele Bag*****

**click directly on magnifying glass in image to see painting up close**


  • Three-Layer Protection: The inner layer of the bag is smooth fabric to prevent scratching the ukulele. The second layer is thickened sponge pad 0.5inch/12MM, it can protect the ukulele. The outer layer is made of PU leather, which is more waterproof and wear-resistant than a fabric bag. So your UKE is perfectly safe!  This ukulele bag is not water proof, but it is water resistant. Your Ukulele will stay dry if you have to run through the rain, but not if you go swimming with it.  
  • Portable: Compared to hard ukulele case, this case is very lightweight and handy to carry during travel or gigs. Heavily padded, shoulder straps make the backpack comfortable to wear. The handle with pad and leather, make griping easy and comfortable. 
  • User-friendly: The front pocket of the bag holds ukulele accessories such as tuners, picks, strings. It is equipped with a large metal double zipper, finely crafted to open and close smoothly, durable and not stuck.  
  • Perfect Gift: This ukulele bag has a graceful shape and looks really cool. This would make a great gift for family and friends who play the ukulele.  
  • Applicable Size: 23/24 inch ukulele case. Length 25.59 inches, width 9.45 inches, height 3.35 inches, suitable for concert ukulele. Notice: Please measure the size of the uke before you purchase, it needs to be smaller than the size of the bag.  
  • It’s a backpack with adjustable straps, which is quite convenient and you’ll look super cute!

To Care For:

  •  To clean, simply gently wipe down with wet cloth and dry with dry cloth. Do not put in washer or dryer.

Note about the Padding:

  • It is padded with 12mm cotton. This is a decent size thickness, but no padded bag is going to protect your Ukulele 100% no matter how thick the padding is, especially if someone sits on the bag. If you’re concerned about padding, then I would suggest purchasing a hard case for your ukulele. We will be offering handpainted Ukulele hard cases in the near future. Stay tuned!  This one is lightweight and meant to protect your Ukulele from the elements.

Shipping Cost:

  •  ***SHIPPING COST is included in the price if you live in the U.S. If you live outside the U.S., I will have to calculate the cost.***

You are paying for the hand painted artwork, not just the quality of the bag.   I will offer different line up of bags in the future, some with thicker padding and some that are hard cases – and all will be priced accordingly.

Thank you for visiting The Blue Petra today! Please let us know if you have any questions and please see our About Us page to find out more about us and for contact information. Have a great day!

p.s. Due to different monitor settings, what you see with regards to colors could possibly be a tad different from the actual Ukulele Bag.

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