The Pink Panther

Tired of all the Barbie pink yet this year?  Well, here’s some more for ya!  But this is a much more sophisticated and stylized pink.   I have always loved the style of this animation and many of us, over the years, have definitely been inspired by the minimalist yet whimsical artwork of The Pink Panther, and with Henry Mancini in charge of the musical composition, what’s not to like?

My style and taste runs the gamut.  I can watch the animated Star Trek Prodigy with Jeff and be completely enthralled in and inspired by the amazing 3d graphics, but the artist in me can also appreciate the skill and complexity that goes into making something like The Pink Panther look so effortless to create.  And the Pink Panther character himself is so stinking cute!  They made a good choice of keeping him silent, so we can simply imagine how sweet he must sound.

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