Hi there!  In a previous post, I had introduced you to Bun Buns, our big white rabbit, but we actually have two rabbits.  A big white one and a big brown one.  They each have their own big indoor condos.  Bucky (Mr. Buckles) has a loft (as does Bun Buns) that I had built for him, but today Jeff is making it extend from one end of his condo to the other!  Bucky is out on the porch right now getting his binky time in, but boy is he in for a surprise.  Jeff is also going to add a stepping shelf to the side of the condo so we can remove the current ladder situation, which will give him so much more space on the bottom floor of his condo.  It’s a good day for Bucky!   He’s going to be so thrilled!  They both bring us a lot of joy but they are also a lot of work.  I say this, because I never want to give the illusion that owning any pet is easy.  Rabbits, especially, require a certain amount of maintenance and tending to when it comes to their well being.  It makes me sad to think that anyone would acquire an animal because of, for example, videos on Youtube and Facebook that make it all look easy-peasy with no hard cold facts, and then get bored with it or realize when it’s too late just how much work is needed to take care of them.  This only causes suffering for animals.  But for me and Jeff, the work is well worth it.  These little guys have a forever home with us and they will be well spoiled until the day they are no longer with us.  Update:  the word of the day that I just received  – another word for rabbit:  https://worddaily.com/words/Lagomorph/

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