One of my many favorite memories was the Eastern Airlines, If You Had Wings, ride at Disney World and this theme song, a time for many of us when the world was not so small-seeming.

If You Had Wings

Watching Glass Bottom Boat today as I redecorated the kitchen to go with our new Retro frig.   This is one of my favorite movies – such cheezie retro goodness!    I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  ALL ABOARD!~  Don’t miss the boat!

Glass Bottom Boat

This Day’s Closing Thought:

Information is traveling insanely fast now thanks to the Internet.  If we continually try to keep up with and to mirror what is “trending” in this world, we will probably end up losing our minds.  And truth be told, the “trending” stats are usually all over the place.  Example:  I searched YouTube this evening to see what was trending in 2023 for Graphic Design and most every channel had something different to say on the topic and most had completely different lists, with maybe only a couple channel hosts agreeing only on 1 or 2 trending designs.  I beg you please to not lose your mind.  Sure, stay abreast with what is going on out there, but with regards to a trade or a profession, you do you.  Stay up on techniques, resources, etc, and continually get inspired by other artists or musicians, but don’t try to follow the world. That’s a losing battle.  “Don’t believe the hype.”

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